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American Friends of Migdal Ohr

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The objective of American Friends of Migdal Ohr (AFMO) is to increase brand awareness and engagement among potential and existing supporters, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tools and systems that power the organization’s marketing and development.

Achieving this objective requires the use and implementation of several different marketing methods and tools including:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Social Media - Facebook and Instagram organic and paid posting and engagement.
  • Email marketing and management
  • Influencer outreach
  • Google Adwords (grant) management
  • Website development and integrations
  • Landing page creation

Each of these are interdependent and will be most successful if done concurrently as part of an overall, ongoing marketing initiative.

Therefore, a monthly retainer is the best way to implement this ongoing initiative.

Scope of Services

Marketing Strategy

We will create, along with AFMO leadership, a comprehensive overall marketing strategy as well as campaign specific strategies for the individual marketing platforms and initiatives as needed. This will include a monthly in-person strategy session as well as ongoing consultations. 

Social Media

We will manage AFMO’s Facebook and Instagram accounts including page design and updates, organic posting and sharing, content curation, post creation, ad campaign creation and management, metrics tracking and reporting. 

Google Adwords

We will obtain a Google Non Profit Grant for AFMO worth $10,000 of free Google ads each month, and we will create and manage the ad campaigns -- which will vary based on the specific marketing strategies being implemented at any given time.

Email Marketing

We manage existing AFMO email list and implement processes to capture additional email addresses. We will also segment the email list to identify specific target audiences and create and send emails and newsletters as needed, based on the strategy determined with client.

Influencer Outreach

We will identify relevant influencers who have online followings (web, social media, podcasts) and reach out to them to try and get them to share or promote relevant AFMO posts and content. 

Print Marketing

We will manage the process of creating hardcopy, print marketing materials in the most cost efficient manner -- but the client will pay for the cost of design and printing the materials.

Our Process

At the start of our partnership we will work with the client to create a comprehensive overall marketing strategy document that delineates the organization's marketing objectives, target demographic and brand guidelines.

We will also create marketing strategies for specific campaigns throughout the year. Once we determine the marketing strategy we will begin implementing it across all of the platforms and methods listed in the Scope of Services above.

As we begin working we will create processes for communicating efficiently with the client and for sharing content assets and relevant information for managing the clients various social media and email assets. We will also create a system for getting client approvals prior to implementing social media or email campaigns.

We have not placed any limits on the numbers of posts or campaigns in this proposal because we are committed to working closely with the client on a continuous basis and doing as much as it takes to achieve (and exceed) the client's marketing objectives. 




This project is for a monthly retainer.

Your Investment

Option 1: $4,200 per month

This pricing option includes everything listed in the Scope of Services above. The services listed have no prescribed limits. As much work as needed will be performed each month, based on the requirements of the strategy documents creating and approved.   

Video production is not included in this proposal and will be priced separately upon request.

Option 2: $5,000 per month

This option includes everything in Option 2 plus:

  • We will build a new AFMO website.
  • The website will initially contain the basic pages and continuously be expanded with additional content and landing pages as the year progresses, based on the marketing strategies and campaigns. 
  • We will build as many additional landing pages as needed to support the marketing campaigns released throughout the year. 
  • We will integrate the new website with Mailchimp to capture new email subscribers and add them to a mailing list. 
  • We will integrate Donor Box with Google Sheets, and then integrate Google Sheets with Netsuite to sync data between Donor Box and Netsuite. (A custom integration directly between Donor Box and Netsuite is beyond the scope of this proposal and can be priced separately.)


  • Monthly payments are due at the start of each month.
  • A commitment of 3 months by client is required for Option 1. After the 3 months are over, this contract is month to month.
  • A commitment of 6 months by client is required for Option 2. After the 6 months are over, this contract is month to month.
  • No refunds or prorating will be made in the event that client cancels mid-month.
  • Payments can be made by check to: Onrush Digital LLC or via Paypal to arnie@onrushdigital.com

Next Step

Your typed signature below - or your payment - indicates agreement with the proposal and terms above and constitutes the launch of this project:

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I have read and accept the terms of this proposal.

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